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I have been serving St Augustine FL for 10 years in the building trades industry. Starting out as general labor 40 years ago, I acquired the knowledge and techniques necessary to build a home correctly from the ground up, and, later on, discovered a passion for helping people detect problems and make their properties a safer place to live. As your local home inspector, we are committed to using our construction and building maintenance experience to locate issues and guide you to a resolution before they become a problem. At Old Coast Home Inspection, LLC, we want everyone to have access to our services; that’s why we provide affordable prices and special offers.

Our Full Range of Services

pre purchase inspection

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Learn more about a house you wish to buy.

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pre sale inspection

Pre-Sale Inspection

Learn more about your home before setting it up for sale.

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wind mitigation

Wind Mitigations

Discover if your home is able to withstand a storm.

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4 point inspections

4-Point Inspections

Get a quick inspection before applying for insurance.

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consulting services

Consulting Services

Check if an individual system is working correctly.

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A House Inspection Is Perfect For Homeowners

Thanks to previous experience in construction, I can locate problems faster, identify the causes, and find solutions quickly. My home inspection service is perfect for buyers who want to learn more about the property they are about to purchase. This will provide insight into what needs to be repaired and if the house is ready to move in.

Moreover, sellers also benefit from this service because it allows them to make small repairs and increase their property’s value before setting it up for sale. Both parties can benefit from proper guidance during negotiations because the reports provided have all the information needed to get the best deal.

Get the Information and Forms You Need

Your needs come first; that’s why I am committed to arriving on time and helping you understand every part of the process and the results. Old Coast Home Inspection, LLC will also provide services and forms you need before checking if you are eligible for insurance. Furthermore, the wind mitigation inspection will show you if your house can withstand a storm, and the results can even make your insurance company offer a discount. Additionally, you can get a 4-point inspection to get a quick analysis of your home’s main systems.

Call A Professional Today

Sometimes it is difficult to tell if something is wrong with your house; fortunately, our home inspector can check a specific system and provide a full analysis. Our consulting service is fully customizable and will give you peace of mind. If you need assistance in St. Augustine, FL, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Why Should I Call Old Coast Home Inspection, LLC?

Learn more about your home and get the information you need before applying for an insurance policy.

  • 40 years of experience
  • Special offers
  • Attention to detail
  • Customizable services

The Areas We Serve

St. Augustine, FL

Palm Coast, FL

Palatka, FL

Hastings, FL

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

World Golf Village, FL

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