Get a Thorough 4-Point Inspection in St. Augustine, FL

Do you want to get a quick examination to learn more about your home’s condition? At Old Coast Home Inspection, LLC, we do a thorough 4-point inspection that focuses on your property’s main systems. Schedule our services in St. Augustine, FL, and we’ll arrive on time to complete the process as efficiently and quickly as possible to avoid interrupting your daily activities.

Review Every Major System

Get an Insurance

This type of inspection is perfect for getting a quick overview of what needs to be repaired in your home or condominium. Additionally, most insurance companies ask for a 4-point inspection to learn if you are eligible for a policy.

During our visit, we’ll complete the following tasks:

  • Roof inspection
  • Electrical inspection
  • Plumbing inspection
  • HVAC inspection

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A 4 point inspection is a quick and effective way to learn about your home’s condition. You can get one for only $150 or combine our services. Get a full home and a 4-point inspection with wind mitigation for $450! The more you know about your house, the better, and our professionals in St. Augustine, FL, are ready to assist you.