A Home Inspection Is Perfect for Buyers in St. Augustine, FL

Did you decide to take the next big step? Buying a house takes courage, and there are a lot of risks involved, especially if there are hidden problems inside the property. A home inspection is the best way to make informed decisions down the road. Learn if you have to spend extra money repairing the place after purchasing and get ready to negotiate using the information our inspectors in St. Augustine, FL will provide.

A Property Inspection Will Save Your Budget

Receive an Inspection Report

During our visit, we use a home inspection checklist to guarantee a thorough evaluation of your house’s major systems and components. After seeing every part of the property, we’ll retreat to create a detailed and comprehensive report that describes what we saw, including the condition of all parts, plus insight into when and what improvements are needed.

Learn About the Repairs That Need to Be Made

We Check Every System

A pre-purchase home inspection will help you determine if the property you chose is budget-friendly.  We check the roof, HVAC system, foundation, plumbing, and more! Our service is only $425, and you’ll receive a full report to help you determine if the property you found in St. Augustine, FL is the right one.