A House Inspection Helps Sellers in St. Augustine, FL During Negotiations

Do you want to be prepared before selling your home in St. Augustine, FL? There is a lot to take into account when getting ready to start the process. We are here to help you make the negotiation smoother and see if you can increase your property’s value beforehand. A house inspection will give you insight into what needs repairs or improvements.

Our House Inspection Is Thorough

Get a Home Inspection Report

Home inspections are a crucial part of real estate because it helps sellers make repairs before listing their properties. We use a house inspection checklist to guarantee that every area gets properly assessed. At Old Coast Home Inspection, LLC, we check all major systems and then write a detailed report describing our findings. Learn more about each component’s condition and what repairs need to be done.

Get a Pre-Sale Inspection for $425

Fix and Sell!

A pre-sale house inspection is invaluable because it helps you make small repairs beforehand. It is also a great tool to use during negotiations! Don’t let buyers surprise you with unexpected issues after making their own inspection. At Old Coast Home Inspection, LLC, we have your back, and we’ll make you feel confident when the time of selling your property in St. Augustine, FL, comes.