Learn if Your Home in St Augustine, FL Can Withstand a Storm With a Wind Mitigation Inspection

Storms in St. Augustine, FL can cause a lot of issues, and it is important to know if your home is ready to withstand the next one. Fortunately, our wind mitigation inspection is perfect for determining how well your property can protect you from water intrusion and strong winds.

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We’ll Find All Wind Mitigation Features

Your roof is the first line of defense, so during the inspection, we’ll focus primarily on that. At Old Coast Home Inspection, LLC, we document that your property has wind mitigation features. If it doesn’t, we can tell you what you need in order to apply for an insurance policy. These companies can give you a discount depending on the number of features that you have. You can hire our service for only $100, and we’ll provide you with a complete wind mitigation report.

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Our wind mitigation inspection includes an OIR-B1-1802, a document used by insurance companies. We strive to help you make your home a safer place; that’s why, by working with us, you can get a full home and a 4 point inspection with wind mitigation for $450! Get in touch with our professionals in St. Augustine, FL, and schedule an appointment today!